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Thursday, March 5, 2015

A "New" Old Quilt to Cherish

We returned late yesterday from East Texas, where we attended my grandmother's funeral.  I returned with a treasure! My grandmother made this quilt and quilted it by hand. It appears to be of scraps from whatever she had - feedsacks, clothing, scraps from sewing, perhaps even an old curtain or two. This quilt makes me want to cut up old clothing and make a quilt!

 She most likely made this during the late 20's or early 30's. This quilt was made to keep her family warm. If a piece wasn't big enough, she pieced it. She didn't worry too much about mixing colors and prints. The batting inside was made from East Texas cotton that she carded herself. One year I picked a little cotton that was left in my brother in law's field and after spending HOURS picking seeds out, I decided I was no purist. Buying commercial batting is just fine with me!

My grandmother became an excellent seamstress.

 I also came home with two photos of myself in new dresses. Do you remember the thrill of new clothing when you were little? 

Me, in 1955, showing off a new dress. I was 5 years old.

My sister, on the left, and I showing off new dotted swiss dresses. I remember twirling around in these until my daddy made us stop! We're probably about aged 5 and 8 here. (The date on the back of the photo is 1958 or 59.)(Isn't my sister adorable!) We were beside my grandmama's garage here, I believe.

I'm going to go cuddle up in my Grandmama's quilt now! Stay warm!


  1. now you grandma is a quilt angel :) What a treasure to have and it makes me feel blessed to be a quilter now. The photos are adorable...wonderful memories for you.

  2. What a special treasure! I remember a new Swiss Dot dress made by my gr.gran ( neither of my grands sewed) and did the twirly thing too.

  3. What treasures!!! My sister and I always got new dresses for Easter - often the same style but different colors. I can remember more than one dress that was dotted Swiss! Our birthdays are both in the spring, and we also always got new pajamas from my grandma for our birthdays every year. Loved that!

  4. Linda, what treasures to behold. Your quilt is beautiful and such lovely photos you are sharing. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada.

  5. What a wonderful treasure to have, Linda. Neither of my Grandmothers sewed and for that matter, my mother didn't either. It would be so lovely to have something they made. My boys will probably one day complain about all the things I have made! But hopefully they'll appreciate the quilts I have made (or their wives anyway). Hugs, Christine xx

  6. What a wonderful quilt and treasure to have to remember your grandmother by.
    I love using scraps in quilts, love the look. We always got a new dress for Easter and sometimes a new Christmas dress.


  7. Your grandmother's quilt is a real treasure! What a testament to her craftsmanship that it has survived so well for nearly one hundred years!

  8. What a treasure these are - a catalyst for triggering great memories! blessings, marlene

  9. This quilt is a"True Texas Treasure" ! I can not imagine having to card cotton ! What is that looks like a cross between a thimble and a hex. BTW you and your sissy were cute !

  10. Yes, I would curl up in it as well...I wasnt' born until the 60s, but my mom and dad had us in my favorite then and now...dotted swiss fabric, and those beautiful "saddle" shoes! I did the same thing...I twirled and twirled...I just loved shopping for Easter dresses...
    Wow...memory lane is a great place to visit...
    and I am happy that you have your Grandmama's quilt to hug you back when you visit there.
    Hugs sweet Linda.

  11. What a beautiful beautiful quilt! I love to see quilts that are made without the shortcuts today, namely inset seams, etc. Such a treasure!
    I, too, have a photo of my sister and I, outside by a plant, wearing matching yellow swiss dot dresses with white collars! That year those were our new Easter dresses, and I'm sure we had white gloves to wear as well!

  12. How cool! I have the quilt my great-grandmother made and gave to my parents when they were married. I also have another of her quilts. They are very special. I remember my grandmother making me dresses for Easter each year. There are still some pictures of me in the new dresses. I remember the feeling of getting to try them on the first time. Go snuggle under that quilt, and dream of 'twirling' in your swiss dot dress.

  13. what a special treasure to have...

  14. I am sorry for the loss of your grandma. She was an amazing woman and I am so glad you have such wonderful memories. I only got to know one of my grandma's and only for a brief time. I have nothing of hers so I am happy you have the lovely quilt.


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