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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Update on the Hill Country House - Appliances in!

My appliances are in!!! I really almost hate showing my kitchen still unfinished, but this is it so far. My cabinets still need crown molding. The island countertop (the red cedar one) is not installed yet either. The wood supports you see poking out will be cut back and hidden by a "skirt" when finished. 
The pot filler above the range is not installed and the vent surround still needs primer and plastering.
For some reason, the plumber didn't hook up the water to this faucet and to the dishwasher line, so although the dishwasher is installed, it isn't functioning yet. These are actually dishwasher drawers. They came free if you bought a range and refrigerator. 
The refrigerator still needs door panels to match the cabinets. It is a 48" refrigerator built in to the wall. Those blue things taped to the front are trim pieces for the sides.
Here is a view from the other side. You can see that we had to remove the wall board from the inside of the wall. It turned out that the space was about 1/2" too narrow! (We paid to have the wall built to the refrigerator specs and we paid to have it dry walled and plastered! It hurt to have to tear some of it down!)
My dual fuel range is in! (We still need to plaster the vent surround and the pot filler has not been installed yet.) It is a 48" DCS (made by Fisher-Paykel). The ovens are electric but the burners are gas.
We haven't even started on the pantry, so that is still looming ahead. We have the cabinets for it sitting by just waiting!
We went "high end" for re-sale value. We are following the realtor's advice on that for homes in this area. 
I can't believe I'm going to have these great appliances! I can't wait to bake bread again!
Mountain Cedar (actually a type of juniper) has started speading it's pollen all over the hill country. I am miserable with sneezing and itching eyes if I go outside even long enough to get in the car. (Despite Nasocort and Zyrtec!) I am trying the old German settler's folk remedy of swallowing juniper berries for two weeks, starting with one the first day, two the next.....up to seven, and then counting down. I probably started too late in the season.)
Sew we quilt
Be sure to join me on January 20th when I show my Tammy 4 All Seasons as part of a blog hop by that name. I have managed to get a little stitching done between trips to the hill country!


  1. that kitchen is SPECTACULAR!!!! I can't wait to see it all done and decorated! can life get any sweeter?!

  2. I really love your kitchen and love the appliances.
    Is that a fryer on the stove? I would love to have a large stove and double oven, but not enough space in my kitchen.


  3. Your kitchen is looking great, Linda.

  4. One of the most magnificent kitchens I have ever seen!

  5. You are going to be serving up some fabulous food in that kitchen, Linda! It's just gorgeous. Is the floor Hickory? I really like the varied colors of wood.

  6. The kitchen looks fabulous. I'll bet you can't wait to cook in it.

  7. It looks like you have a dream kitchen! Enjoy Linda

  8. Love the kitchen and all the great appliances...especially that stove...It's a WOW feature for sure! I recently visited the Hill Country and the minute I entered my throat was scratchy and I started with a dry cough! That pollen gets me every time I visit my sister! Thanks for sharing your lovely house. I've been watching your progress and it's an amazing makeover!

  9. Lovely! What a dream despite all the work. Thanks for explaining the process and I hope those allergies came down.

  10. Your kitchen is a dream come true - totally fabulous!!! Even with things not finished, I'm sitting here drooling!!! Hope your allergies get better really fast - that is so miserable!

  11. That is GORGEOUS! Are you building a mansion? WOW! WOWWEE! I'm in love! Could I move in with you? I didn't even know there were dual fuel stoves until we spoke with a builder a few months ago! That's beautiful too! I'd love to have gas on the top! Love all the rock. We'd really like to build our new home in rock- real, from the pasture, not the kind they manufacture. Hubby's grandparents had a rock home is why he loves it. So sorry about your allergies- it can sure be miserable, huh? Good luck with the berries!

  12. I have been following your building progress for a while now and I must say that you have the patience of a Saint. I hope you don't have any more major delays and that you get to enjoy your beautiful home soon.

  13. Yay!!!! How did I miss this one? You are going to be cooking soon!!!!

  14. Oh my goodness!! I LOVE... excuse me... I want! that stove!! hehe That is an incredible stove!

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