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Monday, September 22, 2014

Rush Hour is Coming!! And a Hill Country Update


Yes, Rush Hour is coming and my day will be Wednesday! Please join us! 
In the meantime, my rush has lasted much longer than an hour! This is an extremely busy time at the hill country house. After being on a three and a half week waiting list for our countertops, we spent last Monday at the house while they were put in. 

I know it's hard to tell what the kitchen will be like at this point, but my countertops are almost in. (More on that in a moment!)
We chose quartz over granite because this seems to be the upcoming trend. Quartz needs no resealing and doesn't "etch" like granite. I want something that I can enjoy without worries. The plastic wrap is still on these countertops at this point. They are a bronze color. The half wall you see above and all the walls without wall board will have limestone.
Here is the prep sink. We chose a trough style sink because it is under the window and seemed to fill the space better. 
After 7 hours of installation, there was a seam that just didn't lay flush. It will have to be fixed and it seems that the countertop has to go back to the shop for that! It also appears we are back on the waiting list! The shop has not returned our calls and the counters have not been removed to be repaired. This is a highly recommended business.   (I may mention their name if they don't do something soon!) We are beginning to think we may have done better to just have one of the big box stores do our countertops! (I am more than a little distressed by this.) Businesses in the hill country have more business than they can handle!
The stone people have had us on a list too and are supposed to come next week. If the countertops are not in they will not come and we will be back to square one with them, too! In the meantime, the flooring will be delivered on Wednesday and the stone has to be in before it can be installed! (Another waiting list!)
I did get a lot of painting done! I painted last week, but when the countertops were put in my gray looked more olive green! (I do have a little color blindness unfortunately. I have to have help with subtle greens because they look gray to me.) I finally chose a great soft gray called Gray Mist. I love Behr paint and it didn't disappoint! (I'm not an affiliate.) I spent Saturday and a couple of hours on Sunday getting everything repainted! Unfortunately, we were so RUSHED I didn't get a photo! 
I did manage to get this quick, but grainy, photo with my phone!  It is a blackbuck antelope. We have been seeing them roaming free near our hill country house. They have long corkscrew horns (not antlers) and seem to keep themselves in the open grazing areas. It is strange to see an exotic animal, native to India, wild in Texas! My brother in law used to raise them for exotic game farms and restaurants that served exotic meats. I'm assuming that since many of the hunting ranches around this area often have blackbuck, some of them have escaped into the wild. I've been seeing them since last winter here. It could also be that someone has released them into the wild.
 These are very skittish animals and they can run 50 mph!
Well, I hope to see you Wednesday! I will probably be in the hill country accepting the shipment of flooring. I also hope to have a photo of the completed countertops and stonework SOON! 


  1. Hang in there Linda. It will all get done, hopefully sooner rather than later.

  2. VERY VERY EXCITING!!!! I do remember how it felt to put on the countertops in our little ranch house! You have to remind yourself...Enjoy the PROCESS...
    It was and still is my Mantra...the Hill Country seems to be be booming these days...

    Hugs!!! Love how it is coming along!!!! I can't wait to see it in person!

  3. I love watching your house evolve! It can be very frustrating but I'm sure it will be beautiful when you are done. When do you hope to move in? Is there more to be done besides the kitchen?

  4. Your kitchen is looking so beautiful! I hope it all gets fixed soon.

  5. How frustrating for you Linda. I'm sure it will all be worth it in the end.

  6. Hurry up and wait, huh. It's looking wonderful so far !

  7. I love what I can see so far!! Some of your trials and tribulations are making me re-think wanting to renovate my kitchen...I live out in the middle of nowhere and as you are finding, that can throw a few monkey wrenches into the process!! Maybe that's what you need to do...make a quilt in the monkey wrench pattern to remind you that while we can't control all the circumstances in our lives,just our responses! I love your response - repaint!!


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