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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Just How Hard is Freezer Paper Applique?

"There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly"

Some of you have expressed concern that applique looks too complicated. I think you would be surprised at just how easy it can be. There are methods that are more complicated than others, but after trying them all when I first started, this is the method I settled on. I use a freezer paper method where the freezer paper is ironed to the RIGHT side of the fabric and the seam allowance is turned to the back using a glue stick.
There are several reasons I love this method:
  •  First, it is simple. This is something a beginner can do. Really!I've taught this as a class and the most common comment I hear is, "Oh, this is so much easier than the way I've been doing it! I can do this!"
    Large figures make for really easy applique!
  •  Second, what you see is what you get. Your edges are turned under and ready to sew before you even lay the pieces out on your background. That means you can see exactly what it will look like. You can change colors or fabrics at this point if you are not pleased with what you see, you haven't invested a lot of time in it yet.
  • Since your edges are turned under and ready, you can concentrate on your stitches.
  • Since the freezer paper is ironed to the FRONT of the fabric, you don't have to disturb your seams when you remove it.
  • You are not committed to hand applique. You can easily sew the pieces down by machine, but you have no raw edges. This means your applique will hold up to some real use.
    Tropical quilt with appliqued flowers for my granddaughter's room
  • You do not need to reverse your images when you trace them off. You trace it exactly as it will look when you finish.

    If you are interested in seeing a detailed tutorial of this method, go here. I also have some previous posts that you might find helpful for applique: (just click on the subject you are interested in)

 Finding the Right Background for Applique


  1. Hi!!! All of yours are very pretty!!!! I will give it a try!!! The ways I have tried so far...not very easy!!! Thank You

  2. I really like your way of doing this. No distortion when pulling out the dreaded trapped paper. Brilliant Dear and thank you for sharing so much of your amazing knowledge. I also checked out your painted faces and they are beautiful. You and your wonderful talents are quite the inspiration...Creative Bliss!

  3. Beautiful pieces. What a great method. I love those smiling kiddo's on that gorgeous quilt. Too fun! :)

  4. Ooooh -- I'm going to have to try this method!


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