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Monday, April 8, 2013

April Showers

In my area, we have almost had spring weather all winter. Some flowers never stopped blooming, like the Cinco De Mayo rose above. It has bloomed like crazy since I planted it last spring, despite the lack of rain. It finally rained last week. We had two inches in about an hour! But you can have two weeks of being "showered" with creative ideas! Today is the first day of the April Showers Blog Hop! I will not be posting for that until the 18th, but starting today you will see all types of "mug rug" designs! Be sure and visit each day's blogs and comment for chances to win!
Until then, here is a picture of my loquat tree with what is left of the fruit (I picked most of it yesterday!) with rain clouds in the background. They will burn off soon and I seriously doubt we will have any rain today, but I will enjoy the "outpouring" of ideas in the hop!
Bee blessed!


  1. My roses are just beginning to ever so slightly bud. We are having April Showers and sunshine with wind and cold temps. Gorgeous Roses...

  2. We are still waiting for most of our wildflowers to bloom. My lilacs however are going crazy. I`ve been dropping bouquets all over the neighborhood. I don`t plant many flowers because of the heat in the summer. It`s been 80 till yesterday. I would like to put in a fig tree very soon. All the best to you and thank you for sharing your flowers.


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