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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Day Six of the In Your Words Blog Hop!

Sew we quilt 
Day 6 already and only two more days to go after today! I hope you're enjoying this as much as I am. It has been so much fun to see what variety and creativity is out there with such a simple theme! Of course, most of us bloggers love words, so.... what can I say? (A lot, obviously!)
Here is the schedule for today:

Monday, January 14

Cherrys Prairie Primitives Corrected now! Take a look!



  1. Linda, I am loving this hop! Thank you so much for thinking it up and hosting it. I'm continuously amazed at all the different ways this hop has inspired many different quilters and how they express their thoughts and feelings while sharing the bits about themselves. Thnaks again. Jane

  2. I am not getting anything about the blog when I click on Cherrys Prairie Primitives. thought you would want to know.

  3. You are also having a birthday this month - hope your special day was as special as you are. Judy C

  4. Thanks for another awesome day! So many wonderful words :)


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