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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Finding Your Fabric

Scraps from Kate Spain's Terrain

I was asked to review a service that I really think you will find very helpful! Its called Find My Fabric. This website helps you find fabric by theme, color, name, designer, or whatever you can search!  Lets pretend you are making a Dr. Suess themed baby blanket and you need fabric for it. All you have to do is go to  Find My Fabric and type "Dr. Suess" in the search engine. 



                              Filter by Price

                                               : to

                               Find by Photo


 I was given 14 results (different fabrics) and each has a link to the shop that sells it.  (Thank you so much, Daryl, for pointing out that I spelled Seuss wrong! If I had spelled it correctly I would have been given 412 results!!! And to think I taught school and read his books constantly. Oh, well, I'm blaming it on the holidays. I'm rushing around too much!)You are given thumbnails of the fabrics, so you can SEE them before even clicking on them.
What if you decide to make a quilt larger than you originally planned and you do not have enough of a fabric you were using? Just search for it by name and you will be given any shops selling it. For instance, how about Kate Spain's Terrain? I have a few scraps that are large enough for a very small quilt. My quilt shop no longer has that fabric. Can I find it somewhere online? When I typed in Kate Spain, Terrain, I was given 86 results! If you don't know the name or manufacturer, you can upload a photo of the fabric and search for it that way! (It gives you instructions on how to do this.)

I decided to do a search for Christmas Panels. I was surprised when 230 results popped up. One that caught my eye was Nancy Halverson's panel from 2011. It is available for $8 at the linked shop!
 I have temporarily put their linked logo on my sidebar. Give it a try and see how you like it! I think this can be a real help to so many of us!
Although I was asked to do this review in exchange for compensation, the opinions are still my own! I do honestly think this is a helpful site that many of you will use often! 
Let me know what you think of this. Is this a service you will use? 
Until next time......
Bee Blessed!  


  1. I could have really used this site when I was searching to beef up my stash of black on whites for Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt. I tried it and it was great. Thanks!

  2. Hey Linda I have to tease you a little here. You found 14 results by typing in "Dr. Suess", right? Well if you had spelled Dr. Seuss correctly (you switched the U & E) you would have come up with 412 results!!!! Lol!!! So lesson here is spell correctly when searching for something...of course they must have misspelled 14 times for you to get those to come up. Please know I am only trying to help here so please don't be offended. You should have chosen a different example, lol.

    This is a great site to know about, so thank you for sharing and reviewing it.

  3. Sounds interesting Linda, thanks for a great review and I'll have to check it out.

  4. I could have used this when I was looking for some specific border fabric for a 130" square quilt I was commissioned to make! I will bookmark it and save it for future reference!! Thank you!!!!

  5. thankyou for this Linda,what a fab idea.xx

  6. Recently while looking around for somewhere to buy the solids in the Flurry line,another blogger suggested I try Find My Fabric. Which I did,and was very happy with the results :) The next time I need a particular fabric,I will be using it again!

  7. Thank you!! Great site and I added it to my Favorites. I think the whole idea is fantastic.


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