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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall Inspiration and a New Quilt Project

I'm very often inspired by the colors in nature. I don't think we can improve on what God puts together for us to enjoy!
 I have a lot of zinnias in my flower beds that are in different stages of growth. Some have just come up from seed and some are dying back. The dead ones are gray. The fresh blooms are red-orange (my favorite color!)
I went out this morning to take some photos and this little butterfly landed on the very flower I was about to photograph. Just as I snapped the picture, he opened his wings, as if on cue! 
I happen to be working on some squares that are in red-orange and shades of gray. These are only squares at this point and can be laid out to form a zig-zag.

I am using scraps of different grays  for the small squares. I no longer have a design wall, so I've had to lay these out on the floor to look. 
I have in mind that this might be a good quilt for one of my sons. (Okay, J, B or D! If you ever read my blog this is a chance for you to put your two cents worth in! Is this masculine enough for you?)
Here are some other red-orange and orange flowers in my fall garden:
Orange Bougainvillea
We don't have beautiful fall leaves here in South Texas, but the flowers are beautiful!

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  1. Your photos are so beautiful! The one with the butterfly would make lovely stationary!

  2. Great fall inspiration & quilt project. I like this colors together!

  3. Beautiful! Autumn is my favorite season; unfortunately where I live now we have no seasons; it's either hot and dry or hot and wet. Nothing else.

  4. How true that Mother Nature does colors best. Your fabrics color choices are gorgeous. Blissful...

  5. What beautiful fall flowers!! Your quilt is an awesome blend, and I think it's pretty masculine. That little butterfly is called an Empress Louisa (Asterocampa louisa), believed to be a form of the Texas Emperor, and indiginous exclusively to your area! They are particularly fond of the juices of rotting fruit and are easy to lure into your garden! I'd love to see one! I'll be on the lookout when I come down!

  6. Nice quilt and looks like a project for scraps too possibly? Our zinnias are looking a bit poorly here but I could have watered some and kept them going...them are my favs also.

  7. Very pretty...I have lots of zinnias in my garden and have been having tons of butterflies for the past month. Lots of painted ladies, some monarch, and some swallowtail I think. I had planted a row of zinnias in the spring and they are all about gone. But I had thrown down the blossoms when I deheaded and when we tilled in August to put in a fall garden, I guess they got spread everywhere. More now than ever and lots of shades. They seem to love the cooler weather we are having rather than the 100s.

  8. The orange red is so pretty against all those grays. Or should I say 'vivid' just in case one of your sons reads this - lol! Nature is one of my favorite places to draw color combinations from.


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