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Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall Leaves from Felt and Scraps, tutorial

Fall is in the air! 
Unfortunately, here in South Texas we don't have the beautiful change of colors that you see elsewhere. Our live oaks stay green all year and deciduous trees go from green to brown to bare seemingly overnight - usually in December! 
I love fall colors, so I used some felt and fabric scraps to make my own!

These would be fun to make with children and are the fabric version of the crayola shavings in waxed paper that many of us made as kids.
First you need a leaf shape. I just drew on off, but you can trace actual leaves to get a nice shape. I think maple leaves would be perfect for this! Find some felt that is big enough for your pattern. I used two colors for this one. Cut out your outline, going through both layers.
Here is a more simple shape. Cut the center out of your leaf shapes. Notice above that I chose to use this same opening shape even in the oak leaf.
This is a little difficult to see, but I have two pieces of fine netting here. I've clipped little bits of fabric onto the center of one piece, covered it with the other piece, and then free motion quilted all over it to hold it together.  Be sure it is as large as the center opening in your leaves.
Here is one where I used larger bits of fabric and then straight stitched them together. (I also have a couple of leaves made with the fine plastic netting from a bag of oranges. I used tacky glue to hold sequins inside it. Lace might be pretty! Use your imagination! Lay it over the opening in the felt.
                      Place the second felt piece on top.
      Sew around the opening to hold the netting inside the    leaf. Then sew around the outer edge.
Here is one finished leaf.
And another.
Here are some as the tassel on a wall hanging.
Hanging in front of a window.
Hanging from a wreath.
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So...until next time...
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  1. Linda these are fantastic,well done.xx

  2. Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Bee Craft Inspirations, under the Page 2 post on Sep. 25, 2012. Thanks again.

  3. Hi Linda...great Tutorial....thanks for commenting on my FMQ ....getting there.

  4. How pretty!!! You could also use water-soluble stabilizer, instead of the netting, stitch a grid over the bits of fabric and wash the stabilizer away. Great idea, thanks Linda!

  5. Thanks soooo much for the tutorial on pillow slipcovers!! I made 6 while on vacation this past week, they turned out perfect. I linked your blog up yesterday to mine to share the tutorial so others know where I got it. THANKS again!!

  6. You created some beautiful leaves! We don't get much fall color here either except for the liquidamber trees.

  7. What a neat idea and wonderful tutorial Linda!


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