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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Printed Quilt Label Tutorial

Fabric ironed to freezer paper and printed onto the fabric
Did you know that you can make quilt labels using the My Memories program? I chose the "design my own" option and plugged in photos from a trip we took several years ago. The fabric from the quilt (which is actually not made yet!) was bought from the shop in the photo. I added a few I can always remember where the fabric came from.

It's really easy to transfer your design to fabric. Start out by ironing your fabric to the shiny side of freezer paper. Cut it the size of a sheet of paper for your printer. I am careful to iron it down well around the edges.

Trim the label, leaving a seam allowance around the edges. I finger pressed along the edge of each side of the printed label. Peel off the freezer paper. Press your seam allowances under and you're all set!
This is so much fun! I can imagine putting photos of myself on labels "From Nana" and photos and journaling on memory quilts. This program makes it so easy! I am not very "techno-savvy" so if I can do it, anyone can!

Have you left your comments yet for the giveaway? You have 2 chances to win! Just be sure you leave your comments on this posto win the My Memories Suite software program. I'll be choosing the winner by random generator on Monday, May 21.

I still don't have an internet connection and the storms continue to come. We welcome them because we were heading into drought conditions again, so I'm not complaining, but hopefully I will be able to respond to all of your comments and visit your blogs very soon. They promise tomorrow, so please bear with me! I will have a lot of catching up to do!
Until then....     Bee Blessed! (Now I've lost my signature! Oh, my!)


  1. that sounds amazing Linda,thankyou.xx

  2. Wow! I never thought this software able to do that! Thanks for the tips!

  3. Great label! I've done similar labels but was dismayed that the colous faded after washing the quilt. I then read somewhere that it is imperative to iron the printed fabric on a very hot setting, apparently that helps to set the dyes. Just thought I'd mention it. I must go and and check out that "My Memory Suits", it sounds great!

  4. Wow Linda, that's a fantastic idea!!! Did you use cotton quilting fabric for this?

  5. I have used Power Point to design labels for many years. It is fun to include the inspiration photo and other information that I simply wouldn't take the time to write by hand. The "My Memories" program sounds great too.

  6. Looks great! I love your label. This software is certainly something I would make good use of. Thanks!

  7. How fun! Makes such a wonderful and personal label. Sending hugs that you weather the storms safely.

  8. This software sounds like alot of fun. Can you print with any printer? Does the ink bleed?
    Yes I would love to win and make quilt blocks, labels and cards.


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