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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Binding on Curves Without Cupping

binding on left is cupped, on right is flat
If you are not very experienced with sewing binding on curves or scallops, you may find that despite your efforts to sew perfect 1/4" seams, you can end up with a "cupped" scallop. There is a little trick to preventing this. 

First of all, you need a little tool. It doesn't have to be just like mine, but it does need to be something firm enough to hold down your binding and thin enough to slip under the presser foot if needed. I use a little wooden "spork" that I kept after getting a tasting sample in the grocery store. I also have one I made out of a craft stick. I suspect an old credit card with a notch cut in it might work, but I haven't tried that.
 Here is the tip. As you sew around the curve, use the tool to hold the seam line flat as you allow the outside of the binding to slightly ruffle. This puts some "ease" into your binding and will allow it to easily turn over the raw edges without cupping. (If you are VERY new to this, you will notice that the binding is folded in half and the raw edges are aligned with the raw edges of the quilt. Then when you turn it over the raw edge, you have a fold to sew down.)
That's all there is to it! Easy, unless you were never told to do this! I hope you find this helpful. Sometimes those of us who have more experience at these things forget to mention these little tricks. I have given away several quilts with cupped scallops. I tried ironing them into submission, but that only works temporarily. 
Happy quilting or sewing, and until next time......
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  1. well there's a helpful trick! i haven't tried binding curves like this yet, but whenever I do i'll have to remember this. thanks for the tip!

  2. Definately will give this a try. Thanks for sharing.

  3. you make it so simple Linda.....I always hated binding scallops....and I have one in the near future...I it will be much easier..thank you.

  4. oh Linda thankyou so much for that tip as it happens to me quite a bit and i wasnt sure how to fix it,you dont know how much this tip means to me ,thankyou,thankyou.xx

  5. You're just so full of tips and tricks Linda, thank you!!

  6. Thankyou Linda!!! So easy to follow! Will definitely follow your tips when I find the courage to have scallops to bind!! ... Bookmarking for future reference!!


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