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Saturday, August 27, 2011

National Quilt Museum and other Stops in Paducah, KY

 What a great day we had!! We started it out by going to to National Quilt Museum. We just happened to get lucky and this was Kid's Day! Free admittance. Special events. Even free ice cream! Fun! Fun! Fun!
You cannot take photos in the museum, so I can't share all the wonderful quilts with you, but you need to go! I was so inspired! Here are some of the small quilts made by school children. (photos of these were allowed)

The meeting room off the foyer has a quilt by Fraser Smith. It is entirely carved of wood!
Check out his works. They are unbelievable! Here is a little "block" that he carved so that we could photograph and feel his work.  There were two traveling exhibits there this time: Works from the Chicago school of Fusing along with guest artist Susan Else and The Nature of Design: Quilts by Cynthia Morgan and Velda Newman. Both shows were absolutely wonderful! You can stay in touch with the happenings there by going to their website: The National Quilt Museum .
Here you see Quilt Man (We didn't see Bobbin Boy today, although he could have been there.) He was on hand to meet and greet the kids who came through the museum today.

(Many of us are followers of Laura Wasilowski and her blog, Artfabrik. She had several works up in the traveling exhibit. It was so much fun to see them "in real life". I wanted to tell everyone around me that I had won a pair of her hand dyed socks from her blog! I restrained myself. Telling everyone that I had a pair of Laura's socks just didn't sound dignified.)

After the fun there, we went down the street to a little quilt shop called Quilter's Alley.
The staff there was very friendly and  helpful. I bought a piece of fabric that looked like "wood grain" that I needed for a commissioned quilt I will be making. This is the "oldest quilt shop in Paducah".
After this, we decided to eat lunch at a wonderful hamburger place called Willie Jaks in the little town of Metropolis. It is just across the river and is actually in Illinois, not Kentucky.) If you remember your comic books or movies, Metropolis was the home of Superman.

         So here is Superman and the statue of some guy in tights!

 After all this fun, we ended the day in a Hallmark shop where a sweet lady named Anna helped us find the perfect gifts for a couple of loved ones. It turns out she is a docent at the quilt museum when she has time. (We found the people around here extremely friendly and helpful! Thank you, Kentucky, for a great few days!)

I didn't give links last time to the other two great places I went, so here they are:  
                     Eleanor Burns Quilt in a Day of Paducah
                             and Hancock's of Paducah

              I'll be in the air tomorrow, so until next time..... 
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  1. what a lovely post Linda and amusing in some parts,lol have a safe trip home.

  2. Jealous. Green with envy. So happy for you, too. It sounds like the perfect day - loved your comment about the guy in tights, lol! Have a safe trip home!

  3. Wow! You are being a world traveler these days!!!
    I would have loved to have seen the museum too!
    I love the pic of your Super Man!
    Glad you two are having fun!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful day! It's so nice to see that there are young ones who are so talented with their quilting.
    Safe flight :)

  5. I am amazed by the quilts the children made. Very impresssive! I wish I learned that young.

  6. What those quilts. oxxo


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