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Monday, June 13, 2011

A Bedspread out of a Drop Cloth (Because I Promised)

 I promised to tell you how to make a bedspread out of a canvas painter's drop cloth ($8.99 at Lowe's).

Start with a canvas drop cloth. Put it through a wash in the washing machine. I used warm water and detergent and dried it in the dryer.
I made a large rubber stamp of a dirt bike (my grandson's request) using a sheet of crafter's foam. I used two layers to make sure it was high enough to stamp well. I glued it all on a piece of plastic (the type signs are sometimes made of). You could use wood or any other firm surface. I "loaded" it with crafter's acrylic paint and stamped the surface of the canvas. You could use a purchased rubber stamp or you could let your child put hand prints all over it. Use your imagination. I think simple fused shapes would be nice. Or decorate it graffiti style!

 I asked my grandson to pose on it so people would know it goes on a bedspread. He is pretending to be asleep. I went back and outlined the shapes with a Sharpie. I wish I hadn't, but it was too late. I liked it better before I did that! 

I had my granddaughter sew pendants while I turned and pressed them. 
This is a peak at what we're doing with them in the "dirt bike" room for the grandson.

I've spent all day painting and adding a few touches to the walls. I'll show you the complete room when I finish. 
 Just to show you what I am dealing with in trying to get this room completed before I leave Thursday morning, I turned around just now to see this tugging at my sleeve! Good thing I had my camera handy!
While fighting off villains, I've decided that instead of a bedspread I am going to use the cloth as a special tablecloth or picnic cloth. The  colors did not come out as bright as I needed them to be. I like the idea though. I think I can tweak it and make something really nice. Maybe some Celtic knots in black? Some Primitive Embroidery? (It does have the feel of linen when washed!) I think I'll come up with a different use and show you later.

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  1. i do REALLY like that idea. if the child is really artistic they could paint their own bed spread the graffiti idea was great. i personally love celtic knots (two tattoos of them) so that is also intriguing me.

  2. How fun! Your grandson looks like he is full of mischievousness!


  3. What a great idea..thanks for sharing and for visiting me the other day. xoxo

  4. Thanks for showing the uses of a drop cloth for crafts...sounds like you have some great ideas.
    Sounds like your vacation is going well, have fun!

  5. I LOVE that idea Linda, I think it turned out great - you could almost make a shower curtain out of that canvas. And only $8, what a bargain. Your granddaughter looks like she is really concentrating - good for you on passing down the love of sewing! The dirt bike room is going to be fabulous as well.

    LOVE that little face in the Groucho glasses - too stinkin' cute...

  6. what a great idea Linda and your grandson loves it and what a help your grand-daughter is with the sewing machine

  7. I experimented with various pens to see what would be best for drawing on fabric and found that Sharpies were nit as good as some which were sold as fabric pens, so maybe a wash will remove or reduce the outlines if you aren't too happy with them. I like them though, but then I'm still waiting for you to come and do my room!!!

  8. I love your creative ideas - thank you for sharing! Your grandson is just TOO adorable :-)

  9. Can't wait to see what you've come up with!

  10. Not only are you giving them something fun and are handing down the legacy of creating! From his little mask, it looks like he already has your personality...and maybe even some of his Great Aunt Darla too.

  11. what a wonderful family project!! It is adorable and I know your grandson is so proud of his grand mama!!!
    thanks for sharing with us!!


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