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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Quilt Design in Wood

My daddy is pretty much good at anything he tries. He worked in architecture most of his career, but spent weekends as a wedding photographer for several years. He also spent some time cutting gems. He became president of the local gem cutting society and had a cut published in a magazine after a very short time in this hobby. He built houses, he is a great cartoonist, and........he builds furniture. When my mama started quilting in earnest a short time ago, my daddy watched, knowing that this was right up his alley - only he didn't want to work with cloth. He did design a quilt and choose fabric for HER to make, and it turned out beautiful. But you have to remember that men in his generation just didn't quilt. They built furniture. So that is just what he did. He drew out a quilt design and pieced it with different types of wood. You can see the results above. It's beautiful! It has a clear sealer so that only the natural colors of the woods he used shows. 
Quilt designs transcend time, gender, and even materials. You would be surprised how many places you might find inspiration. Floors, windows, even garden layouts. 
So, Daddy, even though you didn't use fabric, you did a great job of "piecing". I am envisioning a quilt studio floor.........hmmmm. 


  1. Beautiful!!! and even more special that Your Dad made it!!!!

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous! What a treasure from your daddy's hands. You know he could sell these tables. I know one quilt lover (ME) who would love one of these tables. If he ever decides to go into business, let me know. I want a log cabin please. :)

  3. Absolutely stunning! Your father is definitely a craftsman above and beyond.

  4. Linda from Stray Stitches sent me. What a wonderful Table.

  5. I'm a new follower as Linda sent me over here... but I'm glad she did! I'll be back for sure! AND the table is just fantastic. My brother is clever with wood too and has made some beautiful things over the years too!


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